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Outdoor air landscape lamp series

Products--Outdoor computerized and multi-function space cannon light

Technical features

Mode type: GBSDP/DMX-XBO3000/4000/5000/7000W-A/B

Power sourse: 3000/4000/5000W:AC220V±10%/50Hz(1P+N+E)

Bulb: Sphere xenon lampXBO-3000/4000/5000/7000W

Luminous flux: 125000~340000lm

Reflector: Φ400glass

Protection mark: IP44

Rotation angle: 0~100

Electronic dimming: 10~100%

Electronic stroboflash:: ~15f/s

Switch light brake: machinery jalousie bake With gradually and fast open function(Reduce the damage of the light source frequent open)

Control mode: DMX512 console controlMain and following machine control(built-in automatic demo procedure)

Number pf channels: A type:6CH; B type:12CH(details see attached list)

Rotation angle: X-axis 3500,Y-axis 2400(X and Y axis adopts the high precision optical encoder positioning error correction)

Move way: Precision worm gear and worm drive

Light source focus: X,Y,Z fine tuning

Color change system: A type:no color change function.
B type: built-in CMY three colors polygon hlass tube infinite change color
(patent number: ZL2005530010300X)

Display modes: LCD Bule backlit LCD screen, A key shuttle way select menu

Protect way: Adopts automatic monitoring protextion

Applications: Square, park, high-rise building, city high ground, rivers coast large scene landscape is the indispensable light for city night scene.